Friday, October 05, 2007

Statue of Buddha

We are sick. really. Swat is in a turmoil. Government and local religious authorities are at odds with each other. And the result apart from killing of innocent people? Statue of Buddha.

Twice it has been the target. Some 'believers' I suppose are trying to knock it off from its place because it is a sign of idolworship. Just like the case of Buddha of Bamyan in Afghanistan. Why should an idol be present on the land of the faithful?

I say it again. We are sick. Really.

Unfortunate thing is that these people are our own people. They are part of the society. This mentality really exists. Medresshas (not all) do preach hatred. I am supposedly a 'sunni' because I was born in such family. I used to study Quran in mosque just like an average pakistani child. Trust me.. I used to hear some really nasty things about shias! and non-muslims... we were supposed to stay away from them too! but perhaps not as bad as shias! Good lord they were devils!

Anyways.. No one from the NWFP government (purely Islamic Government I believe because mullahs rule there) has come up with even a denunciation.. let alone providing some security. (yeah yeah I know I am not talking about security for humans but talking of providing security for a statue). The Islamic Caliphate of NWFP is perhaps busy saving its own seat. This ancient relic circa 2 B.C will be no more. I hope I am wrong.

(Photo courtesy BBC)

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Tolerance is the need of the hour around the world.