Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pakistan Women Cricket Team

*tuning in the radio*

*low signal* ... *noise* ..

In sports news, words just in... *noise*

.. that Pakistan's women cricket team have beaten the West Indies with 2.1 overs to spare...

What the...?! We have a women cricket team?! and they won against West Indies?!

*signal varying... turning the dial*

.. they beat their windies counterparts in the super six stage of the Woman's Cricket World Cup...

*mouth wide-open*
huh? World Cup? Super Six?

... earlier in group matches Pakistani women had beaten Sri Lanka to qualify for the next round...

*jaws dropping*

Beaten Sri Lanka too?! Damn! Why don't I know of it?!

*radio host to me* *idiot.. had they NOT gone to attend the world cup and had been stopped from appearing in it just because they are women.. then you would have heard about it and you would have even written a post on it. dumb ass.*

*Goofy face*

Go ladies! Kick ass!

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pinky said...

main kahun kis ki nazar lag gayi meri cheetiyuon was you!!!
England crushed us by 8 wickets...

PostMan said...

They have won the world cup for me.. even by getting in to SuperSix. Who would have thought about it?

supe said...

whaaa..? hahaha!
who would've thought, point made postman!

Ria said...

It is true we being a nation are pessimistics. Not see the britght side of picture. Negatives attitudes and thinking making a way straight into the minds of us.

We always sees the glass half empty.

Maryam Javed said...

Agar aap islamic point of view se dekhte ho to girls ka iss tarha ciricket khelna galat hai.
Haan aap sol called modernism main aisa kar sakte ho, but plz ess islam main allowed na samjha jaye.

PostMan said...

bhaut shukria Maryam apka k ap nein apnay khayal ka izhaar kia.

Aik arz thi, kya zaroori hay k Islam k mutabiq he her cheez daikhi jaye? Agar ap sajhti hain k Islam mein cricket jaaiz nahi to ye apka haq hay aik raaye qaim kernay ka. Ap bilkul bhi aisay ashghal mein shamil no ho'n. Per kisi aur ko ye keh ker k 'islam mein nahi' (jis ka k saboot hasil kerna kaafi mushkil kaam hoga), uss kaam se roak dia jaye, to ye kaafi ziadti hogi :)

intahai moaddabana gizarish thi meri apse ye. Shukria.