Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lahore Attack - Whats Next?

Unbelievable drama unfolded right in front of Pakistani television viewers eyes when terrorists stormed the Police Training Institute near Lahore. They hurled hand grenades and fired indiscriminately at trainee police personnel that resulted in 7 dead and scores injured. The terrorists took control of the building and security forces laid siege which lasted up to 8 hours. 3 terrorists were killed and four were nabbed. The jubilant security personnel then celebrated by aerial firing.

Its really amazing that terrorists were 'captured'. Either the terrorists walk away freely (as in case of Sri Lankan team attack) or they usually blow themselves up when its a suicide bomber. All the talk of 'inept' security precautions though true but it is a fact that they were captured in the end. All resources of security apparatus were utilized and even the army was called in. The army snipers shot couple of them and were instrumental in getting the terrorists.

This is 'very' interesting. Up until now, the army 'did not' do anything. Really it did not. Check Swat. Maulvi Fazlullah and his goons have a free hand at doing whatever they want. The local people fear the Taliban and say that army is no where to protect them. The provincial government then had to sign a peace accord with militants and now things are much better than before.

In FATA, we have Baitullah Mehsud. The young leader of Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan (TTP). He too virtually enjoys free reign. Americans keep telling us that 'Pakistan should do more' that 'rogue elements of ISI are behind support to Taliban'. This even makes us, ordinary Pakistanis, wonder too as to what is stopping capturing Baitullah Mehsud? Does he have stealth tech in his undis? As recently as a week ago.. the flamboyant leader held a press conference. would you believe it? a God damn press conference?! in Waziristan! all the media men were there armed with their cameras, cellphones and stuff. So why cant our security forces find him too?

In context of Lahore attack, Security Advisor Rehman Malik said that 'elements from FATA' could be inviolved. Mind you he did not refer to RAW. Lo and behold! today Baitullah Mehsud announced that he was behind the attacks! So whats cooking?

Pakistan supported Taliban. Wait. Lets set the clock even further back. United States supported Afghan mujahideen against USSR. When the job was done, this whole region was left to jihadis and America went packing. Pakistan supported 'pashtun' taliban and the rest of regional powers supported anti-Taliban elements. America seemed a bit interested again when pipeline from energy rich Central Asian republics was to be laid but then 911 happened and everything changed. Pakistan got stuck with Taliban, their only 'trump' card in Afghanistan. The whole goddamn world is against Taliban and Al-Qaeda. More specifically, America is against Al-Qaeda, not Taliban because they pose no threat to USA. They provide protection to Al-Qaeda elements and thus come under enemy label.

Pakistan does not support Al-Qaeda, it supports Taliban. Taliban are one crackpots. They don't give a damn about Pakistani government. It is is time for Army and establishment to, I guess, ditch taliban. Yes I know, Indians will use it to their maximum advantage but its time to protect ones own ass Ok? Americans too use drones to this effect saying Pakistani army does not do it so they have to do it. So what is it? 'Strategic depth' or 'final abyss'? Is it really a signal that finally we will see a clear line being set whether we want those nuts on our sides that have destroyed the very fabric of Pakistani society? Or I did not have my proper breakfast this morning?

lets hope the tide turns the other way.

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a fan said...

One doubt.
What did the urdu channels say regarding this attack? Any conspiracy theories?

PostMan said...

No conspiracy theories... everyone wants to know who they are.

Anonymous said...

B Mehsud