Thursday, March 12, 2009

7th Commandment of Blogging

Thou Shall not write just for the sake of others reading it.

P.S: I am an apostate.


Awais said...

Interesting. And where are the first six commandments? :P

a fan said...

exactly, what are the first six commandments? :)

As per me, if one doesn't want to write for the sake of others, the things that needs to be done are,
1.disable comments
2.disable the blog from getting listed in google search
3.remove the stat tracker.

RebellionCrap said...

She is quite right.

wesay Postman what's the logic behind this Em0tIoNaLiTy?

PostMan said...

@Awais - Rest of the commandments? You know Moses? can you believe that guy? Plagiarist! Even took the credits.

@Fan - Reading your 1,2,3.. I am now a firm believer in separation of church and state. Commandments suck!

@Rebell - Honestly tell me how much time did it take you to write "Em0tIoNaLiTy?"

RebellionCrap said...

oh You are feeling naa k how could I spare time for commenting stylishly for such a farig person like you ;p heheheee

a fan said...

Good. So, the next step is to become a libertarian. Let me know if you need AynRand books :)