Tuesday, March 24, 2009

*holding my head*

I swear. I firmly believe that there is no community on earth that compares to us 'muslims' regarding bullshit and crap that we utter, devour and spit. I mean no competitor whatsoever, for light years even. We are undisputed reigning (forever) World Champions of Bullshit.

Just read this. 'Crippled & Blind'. Taliban of Pakistan are not letting anti-polio vaccines in Swat area because “The TTP is against polio vaccination because it causes infertility". Pakistan was polio free some three years back and now its spreading again. And we have geniuses like Taliban to tackle the issue.

Believe in a flat earth or that man did not go to moon - anything but this. This is the lives of children we are talking about.

I am such a moron.


a fan said...

I read this article last month. This same reasoning is also attributed as one of the reasons why Polio cases are more in UP,India...

Ria said...

Its not just Taliban who are ignorant, even educated people beleives in things like that. My uncle didnot allow any of his children to have vacination, not only polio but any type of vaccination.