Monday, August 25, 2008

I Love Zardari

What?! You don't have that T shirt?! Oh come on! Every politician in Pakistan is wearing it! Well at least seems so! We have the whole of Pakistan People Party supporting him, then came the Sindh Assembly resolution and then the Frontier's - all imposing faith in The Man.

Well he is all around in the news. The master schemer that he is, he checkmated Nawaz Sharif, cajoled MQM, made ANP and Maulana Fazal toe his line, kept control on dissenting voices in his party, booted out Musharraf and now is all set to take the chair of President. Apart from PML-N, every so called political party is his supporter! Marvelous is it not? The man who was in jail couple of years ago has now has his fortunes reversed.

Very interestingly, the people of Pakistan (at least the ones that I interact with) don't seem to 'impose' that confidence in him - the one that currently legislators are displaying. Why? Whats the big deal? Does Mr.10% not enjoy the confidence of the masses? But How do I know that? Before I tell you, there is a background to this one.

When the February 18th elections were held this year, a series of SMSs were roaming all over Pakistan regarding PML-Q basically insulting or ridiculing them. I wrote a post on it too 'SMS - The Opinion Maker' and had predicted what lied in front for PML-Q. No, I am not a sage but it was clearly written on wall. This time, although it is not SMS but Internet.

You must have received that email regarding 'Wealth of Zardari'. The sources may be different but I think Teeth Maestro first published it on his blog. You see the same text on discussion boards and various forums. This is 'very surprising' for me. I do not what is due to either, the political maturity of the people of Pakistan or the fruits of free media and telecommunication finally bearing results. Whatever the reason, this only indicates good as the politicians and others will have a strong check on them.

Zardari was named Mr.10% because this was the supposed commission he took on transactions or deals when his wife was the Prime Minister. He got his current angel-white-feathers after he struck a deal with ex President Musharraf under National reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) according to which all the corruption cases against him would be withdrawn and in turn he will have to support Musharraf's presidency. And some support he gave to Musharraf! He gave a clean way of exit to Musharraf in which the retired general will not be out on trial or impeached. Now he will become the President himself :)

Yes. No court cases were proved against him but people of Pakistan I think know you Sir. You may have had the bath of NRO but you still have a long way to go to cleanse yourself in the eyes of ordinary Pakistanis.

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