Monday, August 18, 2008

He Came, He Saw, *poof*!

What a fag!

After all that 'I am a commando' bullshit and then you resign. As simple as that?!

I am not at all happy. Do you know why? First - Pakistan lost its chance of establishing accountability as a precedent. Musharraf should have been tried for the allegations that were levied against him. The top most should be tampering with the constitution. Unfortunately we as Pakistanis lost that chance to set the future course for rulers and army intervention.

Even if 'commando' Musharraf had to resign, he should have done something to take care of that 'thug' Zardari who sits as clean and innocent as an angel after NRO! Imagine his audacity that a week earlier he was calling Musharraf a cheat! Idiocity galore!

Now we are left to Amir ul Momineen Nawaz Sharif and Mr. 10%.

God save us.

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