Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dr.Aafia's Son in US custody

The son of Dr.Aafia Siddique is in US custody. According to reports, US officials have admitted that Ahmad, 12 years old son of Dr.Afia has been in US custody since 2003.

A video released at a website utube, shown US officials interrogating Ahmad (link)

The News

US Official's possible interrogation of 12 Year old Ahmad:

"Who gave you this chocolate?! Osama Bin Laden?! Tell Us!"



Anonymous said...

I am a non-muslim reader of your blog for quite sometime.
One doubt.
I was reading the comments in the below link.

In this, the last comment posted on August 24th, 2008 9:30 am GMT has 2 points mentioned about Quran.

Is that true?

PostMan said...

Thanks Anonymous.

Unfortunately, there are no 72 virgins mentioned in Quran. In fact the number '72' for anything is not there.

The reference of 'wife beating if she refuses to have sex' is no where in Quran. I can refer to you verse 4:34 which is commonly associated with Quran for 'wife beating' but it too does not mention 'not having sex'


a fan said...

Thanks for the clarification.

I really wonder why no muslim in that comments thread is opposing to this point. Because people like me, who have no idea about Quran, really get surprised on hearing about these things in Quran.

PostMan said...

with my experience of hate-filled religious discussions - especially against Islam, I don't think it would do anything :) and the discussion at hand would be distracted.

I told you that it was not in Quran and you accepted it! You are not bigoted :)

a fan said...

still, i think one should ask for a reference so that atleast others will get a seed of doubt instead of believing it blindly...(i just did the same)