Friday, August 08, 2008

Govt Schools

(conversation at a discussion forum regarding government run schools which are target of Taliban especially in Swat)

"I think the products (students) of these govt schools are worthless since what they are taught is in a foreign (urdu) language and heroworship is the main emphasis. That is why the people (90% talibans) are burning the worthless schools. Private schools are just marginally better."

"My best friends are from these 'worthless' schools of NWFP.. the 'worthless' students make me (a reputable english medium school product) worthless because of the talent they have and struggle they had to make.

I just speak better english than them. Thats it. And I get portrayed as a learned person.

Pathetic. Hateful. Sinful. Poisonous."

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JazzianButt said...

bombing in schools is really very inhuman act, school is a school, doesn't matter govt or private!!!