Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Suicide Bombings - Opinions

When I was visiting my home this holiday season.. I got to interact with people on topics of suicide bombings. Why and Who Dunnit ones. Different people - different opinion! Just like them - I too am searching for the truth.

Here is one view. I was told by my friend "yara can you believe it.. 100s of young men, teenagers are missing after Lal masjid (Red Mosque) episode. They have seen charred human remains, naked dead bodies of young girls killed in the attack at the mosque. They could not believe it that a government could do this. So they left their homes for jihad. I personally know of a young electrical engineer who after watching the scenes at Lal mosque decided to go for Jihad." Would this electrical engineer end up as a suicide bomber?

Take another view. Innocent civilians are killed when security forces launch operation against 'militants' (sic). Now if you are a family member of one whose mother, sister, daughter, son is killed in an air raid or hit by artillery shell.. what would you do? Take revenge most probably. Suicide bombing anyone?

Then there is the type of suicide bombings being carried out by people as in Iraq and Afghanistan. There, the objective is to rid the Iraqi soil of 'invaders'. I do not know what proportion of those blowing themselves up are Iraqi nationals. In my opinion, they are most probably outside elements who want to hurt interests of America and her allies. And these outside elements , perhaps, are of the same mentality as operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Further, there are Abdur Rashid Ghazis of every sort that like to manipulate and control things and people for their own advantage. In Lal Mosque episode, he did not even hear the pleas of Imam e Kaaba. Implementation of shariah is just a facade! and Yes! I believe that he used students there as shield. I never believe in people who would see implementation of Islam by the use of force. If this was all intelligence-agencies drama, then Abdur Rashid Ghazi was the most dumb ass person around being manipulated like this by them.

The thing is that people are readily available as cannon fodder for the so called jihadist who are hell bent on achieving their vested interest - which certainly have no connection with Islam or service to it but rather power! Attaining power and thwarting their opponents which in the current context are America and her allies (both European or people funded by her at the helm of governments).

So what should be done to control this phenomenon. Well it has to be done on both sides of the divide.

America and her allies have to stop giving blind support to Israel in the Middle East conflict. Thats the most contentious issue that really pains muslims all over the globe. And this same issue is 'exploited' by the so called jihadist. Then the sufferings of the muslims on other parts of the world. They are branded terrorists, their religion tarnished. America supports dictators and suppresses genuine democracy in some of the muslim states. Did I forget politics of Oil? Yeah that too.

The responsibility lies on us 'muslims' as well. I personally believe that religion has played a role in 'support' of suicide bombings. Think of why a person would want to blow himself up? It has to be a very strong factor which overrides other 'rational' thoughts of achieving a cause by other means. A person under abject oppression, religious under pinnings and nationalism (in this order) in my mind can be the reason to follow such course.

As muslims we all believe in a life hereafter. We believe that we will inherit paradise after judgment-day (which just like in case of Jews - is an erroneous thought. Check my post "Why Only Muslims Will Enter Paradise?"). If you die like a martyr (shaheed) then more the better. You'll be in the company of the elite and fighting against infidels and giving your life would be martyrdom. America and her allies definitely come under infidel category. So this probably becomes the source to give your life. You are dying anyways so why not take some benefit out of it? Or perhaps its not that simple as I am stating it to be?

We muslims have to counter this. Suicide bombings is a vicious act. Why kill innocent people? By doing so.. how are you any different from your counterparts against whom you are fighting? they too killed innocent people. (Check my earlier post on suicide bombing)

Yes indeed atrocities have been committed. Government has, and is, reacted in incredulously stupid ways. My question is why only suicide bombing for the recourse? Why not protesting somewhere? why not beseech courts? why not voice your opinion in newspapers or blog! But I guess I can say all this because my family member has not been killed?

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Anonymous said...

I am surprised you having avoided a blog on assassination.
On this one, I do believe it is a two way process. The west has to get rid of Islamophobia and the Muslim world has to understand that they are doing a disservice to their own religon by suicide bombings and that it is time to introspect and see why people of other religons and sects, who loose dear ones in raids and wars, do not become suicide bombers killing innocent civilians. Though I must say world has become a less tolerant place and some other religons/sects are showing problematic signs including mine.