Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dance, Music and 'Kanjar'

(Horrible title honestly)

Have you seen that program on an Indian satellite channel in which children show their singing prowess? Called Chotay Ustaad something, the kids are amazing. So much talent. The other night our very own Ghulam Ali was invited on the program. My interest was raised because a Pakistani maestro was invited on an Indian show. What always amazes me is the respect that singers receive in India and the regard and warmth that Ghulam Ali was receiving.. it was absolutely mind blowing.

And then I thought of ourselves. The plight that arts, artists and especially classical singers find themselves in Pakistan. In yesteryears when only PTV was on tube, a program used to get aired on classical music called 'Raag Rung'. And man we used to have a laugh! What the hell were those guys up to making weird faces and sounds! Totally boring program otherwise!

I know if I tell this to a certain friend of mine about the Indian program he'll say 'Wo to hain he kanjar'! That is really unfortunate. Music in our society still finds itself under taboos. The religio-socio mix has certainly kept its grip. Quran, of course, no where states that Music is 'haram'. It is not devils voice or its worship. And NO! music does not create devil-induced sensations in you! hehe! How dumb is that by the way?!

The children in India are taught dance and music! We here cant even imagine that! Leave alone music.. where the hell did dance come in?! thats the domain of 'maha-kanjar' I presume? If a program containing dance competition ever gets aired on a Pakistani Tv.. God help us! Hell would break loose. 'fahashi' and 'uryani' shouts will be everywhere. Will Nighat Choudry, Nahid Siddiqui and Sheema Kirmani's talents ever be recognized?

And I too am part of this society. All the lecture on music that I have given above, If someone asks me whether I will send my daughter for dance or music.. perhaps I will not. I might not be bound by religious aspects but would find it very difficult socially. But at least I will not treat others who are doing so as 'kanjars'. I know there are people who do and appreciate arts especially dance and music, I give them the same respect as I would to any other human being.

Oh this post hurts.

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Hazel Dream said...

LOL , haan ji hum hai hi Kanjar hahaha

Anonymous said...

It's sad to see that country which contributed some of the best poetry and singing traditions and does have some good music bands as well which do well in India has not encouraged them at all inside. Art whether by brush or by strings is core to human expression and that is why probably cave man also used it. I regret not having learnt any music instrument at my school inspite of having a chance and feel i have a dimension missing to my personality.

MB said...

its ironic that we have to drag religion in everything and thats why we are in this state.

Music is not haram in islam and i see no reason why it be haram. Those who bring out stupid reasons are retards merely.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what came to my mind after watching the program:)Man you should have seen the standing ovation that Abida Parveen recieved in another singing competition on the same channel and all she said was words praising God and Prophet and Ali.I wonder what treatment anyone would get on coming here and praising Ganesh, Hanuman or Ram..people with weak beliefs feel threatened and speak the way we do! Oh sorry drifted from the actual point:p but so what:p