Saturday, January 12, 2008

Michael Schumacher Vs Sebastian Loeb

I am a fan of Formula 1 and World Rally Championship (WRC). I am a fan of Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Loeb. Actually I like Marcus Gronholm more but Sebastian ends up winning more rallies :p hey everybody loves a champion so what :p

You must have heard that recently Michael Schumacher had to take over the steering wheel of the taxi he was a passenger in when he and his family were going to airport. There was more traffic on road and they were getting late. The taxi driver was a bit, lets say, slow (I am sure this must have been Schumacher's statement :p) Anyways... Michael took over the taxi and made it to the airport in time! leaving the taxi driver in passenger seat amazed at his driving skills!

I was wondering what if Sebastian Loeb was in place of Michael Schumacher? Could he do it in even better time? Is a Formula 1 driver better in driving at ordinary roads as compared to rally driver?

Formula 1 seeks to make perfection even more perfect! Rally racing on the other hands demands excellence in handling and managing obstacles (road, car, conditions, weather etc). So logic would say that Sebastian would beat Michael! but my logic is usually very simple :p

(damn! a simple logic should be better right?!)

This is not to say that Sebastian Loeb is a better driver than Michael Schumacher. They are both a class in their own categories. The question is which driving ability would help maneuvering on ordinary road? What do you think? (yeah yeah.. same conditions for both. same car. same route :p)

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