Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Brazilian Grand Prix

What a cracker of a race! the Brazilian Grand Prix was the ultimate finale for a Formula 1 that could have been possible! for once I actually sat the whole 71 laps! Lewis Hamilton (McLaren Mercedez) was in title contention with Kimi Raikonen (Ferrari) and team mate Fernando Alonso separated by few points. Drama of drama when Lewis's car stalled due to electronic malfunction ruining his chances of taking the title. This gave Kimi the chance but he was held up by team mate Felipe Masa as he took the lead. Alonso scaled up the charts so as to snatch the title. In the meanwhile Kimi stole the top position from Masa as he went for a pit stop and Alonso fell short to gain enough points. The result - Kimi won the championship by just one point! damn Formula 1 is good!


Razz said...

Couldn't have scripted it better meself. An awesome race overall, but you gotta feel for the rookie Hamilton; winning the title in his first season would've been a dream come true and some record!

PostMan said...

Hamilton lost but Formula 1 won!