Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hello, Hello! Testing Faith!

Yesterday a friend of mine told me that a certain mouse had ruined her suit. She also told me that a cloth cover of Quran was also ruined by the same specie. She asked me "Why did mouse do that?" I told her, acting very logically, that you cant expect mouse to differentiate between sacred and profane! He had to eat something! She asked "Why did not God protect the Quran cover? HE could have given the mouse another cloth to ruin!". And I had that look where... you know.. you dont know what to say :p

Now this may sound trivial or childish point but this is a question that does bother! A very long time ago I had read in an urdu newspaper (you can only find these things in urdu newspapers) that a muslim and a christian were making claims that 'their' lord is the true lord (in fact both have the same lord but its a different issue). Since they both worked in a factory so they decided that will put their (Reader's warning: verbally described scenes that may be disturbing!) hand in machines! and whosoever's lord is true.. he'll be saved! Damn! They both had their hands.... you get the idea I guess.

Another story that I jsut cant erase from my mind is that of a 'hafiza' who was gang raped in a remote village in our motherland. How could God let this happen to a person who had memorized His book?

I don't know. Honestly I do not. Perhaps this is how 'events' are supposed to unfold? I guess its easy to pass comments since it did not happen to me.

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