Thursday, September 06, 2007

Defensive Day

6th September is celebrated in Pakistan as the Defence Day. The day when 'supposedly' we won a war against Indians. Earlier there used to be a holiday when I was in school so I kind of a.. remembered Defence Day! Today a friend of mine told me its Defence Day today thats why national songs on FM! I did not even remember that it was 6th September!

I know. We should rememeber the sacrifices others made for us. 14th August is just a holiday for me. There was a very nice statement attributed to Fifi Haroon in a newspaper when she organized National Day celebrations in London.. which went something like .. Nationalism is not a pill that you administer to people. It has to be felt. And I truly agree with it. Although I dont know how jumping on songs will make me do this to me :p So whats the solutions for nuts like me?!

Another aspect that needs mentioning. It is agreed that September 65 war was an 'effect' to kashmir 'casue'. It was a brainchild of Army to send mujahideen into Kashmir and put Indian Army on the defensive. Rememebr Kargil? Just like that. I read somewhere that Air Marshal (retd) Noor Khan strongly objected to it. (I wish we have more Noor Khans in this country. God he has so much integrity. I have never heard of anything bad associated with him). Perhaps these 'adventures' of Pakistan army have made me lose appeal for such days. But why should I deny the sacrifices that people made for me and my country men? Why did colonel Sher Khan sacrifice his life for me on Kashmir mountains? He did for some reason.. thats nationalism.

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