Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not So Funny

Have you seen the 'laughter challenge' programmes on Indian TVs? its the buzz I guess these days. All sorts of comedians are trying their luck and showing their skills on television. Our Pakistani brethren too are taking their share of limelight on Indian TV.

Is it just me or did anyone else also feel that pakistani comedians are vulgar? In fact I find them horribly vulgar. I do not watch these programs regularly, only when I am channel hopping. Earlier I thought that the Indian TV is so pathetic (and their comedy level so low) that comedians have to resort to innuendos and double entendres. Then I started realizing that its the Pakistani comedians that do this often. I swear... earlier I used to check whether there was a pakistani comedian on stage so that I could enjoy listening to him... now when I see a pakistani comedian.. I just keep my fingers crossed in fear that he'll spit something... if he does then I have switched that channel. I feel so ashamed. Honestly.

Indians have a gem of a comedian in Raju Shrivastav(?). Whenever he comes on stage... it is just a masterful act. Absolute genius. Just like Omar Sharif in our case.

What does this tell us about the level of stand up comedy in our country? Is it jsut the same as I have stated? has it always been like that and we saw only the 'clean' acts? You feel the same too?

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Malaika said...

i think comedians like omer sharif are no more... these new people just crack valgur jokes thinking they are very funny but honestly these people dont know how to do stand up comedy at all!