Monday, September 24, 2007

'Punjab ki Gandum'

Country is passing through another wheat crisis. Our brethern Pakistani muslims as usual have indulged in hoarding practices creating a shortage, raising the prices and piling up the misery of their fellow Pakistani muslim brethern. God bless them.

Do you know - I have been a smuggler! literally! It was the reign of Amir ul Momineen Nawaz Sharif (second term) when wheat crisis was at its peak. Inter provincial movement of wheat was banned because it was "punjab ki gandum". I do not know about the other provinces but in NWFP it was a toal crisis. Wheat was expensive than gold. I used to cross Hasan Abdal (in Punjab) while enroute from my either destinations that lay in NWFP. I used to buy a bag of flour, put it in cars trunk and literally keep away from customs checkposts to avoid being caught! That was insane! People were suffering from non-availability of wheat and the idiots had banned the availability of wheat in other provinces.

My friend narrated an incident in which he was coming to a city in NWFP. When they reached the border town of Punjab and Frontier, the cops at check post had gotten hold of 2 teens who were carrying wheat in plastic shopping bags for their family (not more than 5 kg each). The guys at check post thrashed them for being 'smugglers' and threw the wheat on road so they wont be able to take it past the border.

Can you imagine the sickness of such parochial people? I was a smuggler in my own country! I was denied wheat by my own country men! What a country!

I wonder why the electricty produced by NWFP is called by punjab to be pakistan's electricity. Tax revenue generated by Sindh (Karachi) is said to be due the ports in Karachi and they are pakistans ports. But when it comes to wheat... its always 'punjab ki gandum'? (reference to various statements attributed to CM punjab where he mentioned 'punjab ki gandum')

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