Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Prudent Broadcasters

It is heartening to read the news that Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) has agreed to desist from showing scenes of violence and terrorism. It had to be realized sooner that displaying gory images on screen does not help at all. If you want to grab the audiences then there are others ways of telling the story. Not just violence and terrorism, I was horrified when I saw the full footage of a person dying on screen on a private TV channel while covering the 2005 Earthquake. Prudence should have been observed there as well. What the hell was Aaj TV thinking? What was the chief reporter Talat Husain thinking?

I also want the PBA to ban commercials that are racist in nature e.g. all the 'skin fairness' advertisements in which the girl is told that since her skin is dark so she will not be able to get married and by using such and such product she can have a 'white' skin and hook a person (frankly this makes males look even more dumb-ass). How horrible can advertisements get?

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