Monday, November 10, 2008

My Daughter

Credit KKT at Buzzvines

Peeping in every few minutes
My precious still there
The world beckons for her
And I know she cannot remain
That bed will be empty
The room for once tidy
The rituals will have to change
Her scent, though it may linger
But it too will dissipate
Last loving glance
At sleeping beauty
Suddenly she seems changed
No longer as childlike as I recall
My child nonetheless
Who will protect her
How will I tame my instincts
Fear may engulf her heart
But mine feels torn apart
How will life go on
Who will I live for
Who will I care for
Who will I worry for
The Lord giveth
And the world taketh away


a fan said...

why is it that all fathers are more fond of their daughters? :)
Anyway, i like this better ;)

On this note, wanted to share one thing.
Below thing was echoed by my father as well :) I am sure you'll feel the same after few years :)

When i was in US, my onsite manager told once,"What's it with these daughters? When my son comes home and i ask him,"how was your day?"...he says it was ok and goes on with his work. If i pose the same question to my daughter,she starts,"You know what happened today.." and the next 30 mins are spent listening to her story".
I replied,"Isn't that one of the reasons why you like your daughter more? :)"
He replied,"God dammit..thats right. When she's there, the whole place is alive and it is really bad when she goes back to college".

PostMan said...

that is absolutely true :)

'wajood e zan se tasweer e kaainaat mein rung..'

a fan said...

translation please... :)

PostMan said...

huh? Hyderabad? no Hindi or Urdu? where is Lucknow?!

Very crudely translated to.. 'the colours of the world are due to women'.

a fan said...

am a typical southi... Lucknow is in Uttar pradesh, which is north :)
(i hope nobody pounces telling that i should learn hindi!)

PostMan said...

Na na! no pouncing!
So in south you guys speak Tamil? sorry I am way too informed than the rest :p

a fan said...

In south itself, every state has its own language, tamil for tamilnadu, malayalam for kerala, kannada for karnataka and telugu for andhra pradesh.

Also in andhra pradesh, since hyderabad was under Nizam rule before 1947, urdu is also spoken to some extent.(infact, it is one of the official languages)

And the thing about South India is, (atleast as far as i know :)) hindi usage is quite relatively less when compared to North India. This might be because the script of the south indian languages is highly different from Hindi...

So, ideally in Hyderabad, one can survive if they know either hindi or telugu...and people like me manage with a half knowledge of both these languages :)

hope this comment makes sense :)

PostMan said...

yeah it does make sense :) in pakistan too there are multiple local languages spoken but in the end you settle out on urdu for communication.

Yeah thats why I asked about hindi/ urdu, when I hear 'Hyderabad' somehow a link to urdu or hindi comes in my mind.