Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama Won Me An Argument

When I had written the post "Why Cant There Be A Non-Muslim Pakistani Head of State", the common response that I got was this was not possible as every country had certain 'norms' that it followed - religion being one of them. The other factors, as an argument, can be the race. For example, in US, there has never been an african american elected as the President (nor a woman) although United States claims to be the greatest democracy ever.

Even then I used to tell them that although no african american has been elected as a President, still their constitution did not bar anyone to hold that office for any reason whatsoever. In Pakistan, the prime minister and the president 'have to be' muslims. This is wrong. Members of minorities are Pakistanis too.

Now as Barack Obama has been elected as the first african american president of USA, at least this argument goes down. Hurray!


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Ersalan said...

I'm still not sure... The argument would've been won if a Muslim became the president of the US of A

PostMan said...

Actually the ambiguity would still remain.. forever in fact. How would you be certain what are the intentions of Jews? :p

Shirazi said...

Nice Blog title and substantial theme here.

PostMan said...

thanx shirazi :)

Iola Fallaci said...

Obama must've read your post! :)