Wednesday, May 23, 2012

'Larr sha Pekhawar Ta'

Cracker of a song on Coke Studio Season 5's first episode. Excellent stuff on guitar and rubab in this Humayoon Khan's song. But there is one thing I totally hate and that was visible in the BTS of his song as well. When Humayoon enters in the studio, he raises his hand for salam and that is basically his palm in a vertical position near his chest facing the intended recipient. Totally like 'dude.. stay away'. I totally hate this form form salam gesture as it is getting very common in Peshawar. I am from that place too. Similarly, the gesture of hug when one meets someone, now its just resting of the hand on the shoulder of other person and not the hearty hug that is one supposed to do.

Perhaps I am just being silly here but some gestures are meant to be filled with emotions. Don't do it.

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Sophi said...

oye you didnt tell me you like this song too