Monday, May 28, 2012

Coke Studio 5: 'Ishq App Bhi Awalla'

Ok I am totally floored by the song. It is so melodious. I keep swinging to it. 

Meehsa Shafi looks absolutely smashing in that dress. Really gorgeous.

The Chakwalis felt some what out of sync but this could be due to 'occasion fright' probably. Misha's voice provided the necessary calmness to it. Back up vocals of Zoe and Rachael Viccajis was excellent.

Where was Farhad Humayun on drums? He missed something phenomenal I tell you.

Too bad for the rest of the artists appearing in this episode after this song. No matter how good, they just could not match the finesse of this one.

A delightful treat from Coke Studio. The Chakwalis are in big time.



Me said...

agreed! though i still like Messha more in Cokestudio season4 wearing red lipstick;p so red lipstick and this dress would have been just awesome! :)
and i simply love the song lyrics! The dholak beat in all songs of this season simply outclass!
And yes too good a song! :)

Sophi said...

So you understand punjabi songs too....a news for me

No doubt the song is AWESOMELY melodious but I dont find the need of meesha shafi standing here. And she looks pathetic in her sleeping gown with a bakra-pic at the