Monday, October 25, 2010

Four Weddings (of a muslim) and a Funeral (of common sense)

(During a discussion)

X: More than one marriage is allowed for man. It is our belief as a muslim.

I: Not for fun brother.

X: some times first wife is not beautiful so man has to do 2nd marriage in order to keep himself away from adultery.

I: That was really a very sick reason my brother :)

X: It is allowed in Islam for 2nd marriage or further. I don't say that if wife is not beautiful then husband has right to misbehave with her. Wife is wife, husband is bound to give him full rights which includes care and love also.

But be realistic, sometime man is not satisfy with her ugly wife and this thing also effects the relation between them. So 2nd marriage is the solution in that case, for first wife also.

I: why do you relate it to sexual lust only? If she is not pretty so the husband follows the course of adultery?! how brilliant. When Quran teaches you to abstain from sex.. why cant you do that?

X: Man should be away from adultery but marriage is the right way for this purpose. In Islam 4 marriages are allowed.

I: Suppose a man marries 4 ladies.. what is the guarantee that this will not happen? 'some times .. wife is not beautiful so man has to do ... marriage in order to keep himself away from adultery.'?

X: Islam is actually best guidance for man. Man should take advantage of support from Islam in order to refrain from adultery.

I: so why cant you refrain from adultery while being with the first wife? Is not Islam the best guidance for man in one wife's case?

X: In Islam four wives are allowed!

I: hehe! ok :)

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Sophi said...

Is 'X' your pseudonym also? I doubt....or there are two persons in you: 'X and You'? :P