Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Conversation


The following is a conversation between two believers. If you are not one of them or think that muslims and people of certain are plain nuts.. please visit this site instead of wasting your time reading my post.



X: So do u think the prophets had to believe in themselves being prophets to be muslims?

I: I think the question should be this “So do u think the prophets had to believe in themselves being prophets”

X: & then the answer would be?

I: i think they had this intoxicated feeling through which they could not find a away to escape. And they must have been too afraid to ‘let down’ their followers.

X: By the way I was serious!

I: I am not kidding!

Sometimes I think being a prophet was the worst job! I swear! Think of what it entails! Let me give you an example. One fine day, you are told to marry your adopted sons wife. How does that sound? easy eh?

X: My initial question remains unanswered! I am not talking about job complications nutcase!

I: That is why I answered the first question... it would have been totally difficult to deal with it. They cant escape the feeling that something unusual but in reality is happening to them, cant get away from it, cant run away from it. So kind of intoxicated feeling. ‘what the hell am I supposed to do now’ feeling. It must not have been about self belief.. I am totally sure of that.

X: So they just got stuck with the deal?!! Yani whether I believe im a prophet or not I have to go through this!?

I: I totally think so :) You think its a dream.. no it IS a dream and out pops Gabriel! ‘No my son this aint a dream!’

Now what the hell?! You are being told to ditch everything your ancestors have been told and you know you don't do drugs! That is trouble!

X: So … there isn’t a yes or no answer!! :p

I: It lies somewhere in between :) Definitely not ‘Self Belief’! cuz self belief cant make you marry your adopted sons wife!

X: Not self belief… but at some time u have to believe that u are the chosen one, the torch bearer… how else would u bring urself to marry ur adopted son’s wife

I: By being forced to! Torch Bearer makes you very conservative.

X: how

I: Every act you do must be in ‘accordance’ to the higher goals of social acceptability. Example of a torch bearer is pharoh, who has to maintain all the traits of royalty and continue to rule people. Torch bearer is your religious scholar.. no matter how pervert he is. He has to show that he is very religious. Prophet ‘discards’ everything. More like a cult.

Btw, people use Schizophrenia as the reason for the prophets :)

X: Yea… that’s when they’re being polite! :p

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