Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why Islamic Headscarf Should be Banned in Football

Ahem. The Iranian version of Islamic head scarf to be precise.

I had written a post sometime back when I heard the news that FIFA had banned the Iranian youth women soccer team from playing in a tournament because FIFA does not allow Islamic head scarf. I was pissed off seriously. How could FIFA do that? Racist was the only thing that came to my mind.

Out of no where a gentlemen called Ecclesiastes arrived on my blog and commented. He being an ex-football referee, shared with me some points as to why the head scarf was a danger to the players and had in fact nothing do with being associated to a particular religion. When I inquired him how head scarf was dangerous, he stated "A head scarf is not allowed because an opposing player's hand or foot could become entangled with it and snap the girl's (girl wearing head scarf) neck."

Makes sense doesn't it? Here is a picture of Iran's women soccer team in action.

As a muslim woman, many would like to be involved in all sorts of activities that ladies without 'veil/ head scarf/ parda' get involved in - like playing soccer for example. Covering the body does not sound that complicated as they can easily do that. In fact, Nasim Hameed of Pakistan is the fastest woman in South Asia! and she did it wearing a long tights and a bit loose t-shirt. A ta girl!

The issue with head scarves is a bit tricky. Mind you, women dress differently across Islamic world and there could be stark difference in appearance of neighboring country's women as in case of Iran and Pakistan. Iran wont even allow the dress of Nasim Hameed. The Iranians focus on hair too as they believe it should be covered. A Pakistani woman football player can be allowed by FIFA but will ban her Iranian counterpart because of the head scarf.

So how to cover the hair and still be able to play a FIFA soccer match?! I honestly have no idea because I am not much in to women accessories. I can think of a covering for hair only, with probably elastic strings to keep it 'fixed' - lets say, and most importantly a covering that does not join the garment on body (below neck - even neck!) so as to be injurious in situation like getting entangled somewhere and doing the damage. Any suggestions? cuz hey.. I want to see the Iranian women soccer team play in a FIFA match.

And.. will the Iranians budge? I do not think so.


Anonymous said...

well there are underscarves which cling to the head and neck giving proper coverage but they are quite tight and many muslims can have reservations against that. They are normally worn under the scarf so as to ensure that a loose/stylized hijab on top wouldnt reveal hair or the neck. i guess the iranian footballers could think of opting for that.

PostMan said...

But the issue with hair is covering - not how tight it is. Right?

And an underscarf would not be dangerous in a football game right? like being entangled?

Anonymous said...

Being tight is also an issue i guess. It reveals the contour even if it's the head/neck

PostMan said...

thanks anonymous. which contour is it by the way on neck :)

a fan said...

I could think of one solution.

Along with a underscarf, why not paint the face and neck black?
Then the whole part is black in color and no problem regarding any contour whatever...

And we should patent this idea, what say? ;) (and also get a fatwa passed in support of this idea)

a fan said...

One clarification: The above idea is never meant to hurt any religious feeling. It is to be taken at a lighter note.

a fan said...
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PostMan said...

jeez aFan... chill! I know you.