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Punjabi Taliban & Qadiyani Mosques

Its All In The Name

1 - 'Punjabi Taliban'

Chief Minister Punjab Mr. Shahbaz Sharif was.. umm pissed? ... that the Interior Minister used the term 'Punjabi Taliban' for the militants that operate out from southern punjab in to the mainland of northern punjab. He said that Interior Minister was fanning ethnicity by terming the 'killers, rapist, dacoits and robbers' as Punjabi taliban.

If you ask anyone, pick anyone, who are the Taliban? They will say 'pathans'. Why? Because, quiet honestly, most of them are. The Taliban was a student insurgency, students of medressahs which before them had provided men for the 'holy war' or jihad that Pakistani government undertook (and all of the world helped) in Afghanistan. Our Grand Imam, USA, actively participated in this jihad and defeated the 'evil' USSR. After that, well of course, one wipes his bottoms and leaves. Who stays in shit?

To cut the story short, we as Pakistani citizens are living with our brethren Taliban since then. The current army offensive against Taliban sees them pitted against tribal militants, Mehsuds in particular especially in South Waziristan area. Pakistan army earlier cleared the area of Swat from another deranged fellow called Maulana Fazlullah. The Taliban of Swat used to chop the heads of their oppomnents and hang them in the famous 'khooni chowk' (bloody square) of Mingora city. They all are pathans by ethincity just as their brethren Talibn in Afghanistan.

Joining them in the league are banned secarian outfits like Sipahe Sahaba, Lashkar e Jhangvi etc that are extreme sunni militant outfits that know only one thing in this world - how to target shias. They are, still, operative in southern punjab where they run medresshas and hate propaganda outlets. Alongside them are banned kashmiri outfits like Jaish e Muhammad who saw crackdown against them during days of Musharraf. They too are mostly punjabis.

Now. Why does Shabaz Sharif gets pissed when they are called punjabi and not us when they are taken pathan for granted? (remember I am from Peshawar?) Because we know we have a problem at our hands that needs sorting out. Taliban are killing fellow pakistanis and majority of the affected areas are in Khyper Pukhtoonkhwa and FATA, mainly pathan areas. The ANP is political party that has taken the severest hit having seen its leaders killed - all pathan. Maulana Fazlullah is a pathan and he terrorized the local population - all pathans. Moral of the story?

The moral is that taliban is an idea-based organization, even the word organization portrays a wrong picture because it a collection of nut-acts who share the same goal of 'enemies of Islam destroyed'. It does not matter whether they are pathans or punjabis - they are killers for all intent and purposes. So Mr. Sharif, do not close your eyes and request them 'not to target the Punjab as the provincial government would not take dictation from outsiders (USA).' as this is plain bullshit. Your Minister of Law stood as a partner in recent election with a banned sectarian outfit - who on earth are you kidding? So grow up! and tackle this menace instead of burying your head in sand. There is no issue of ethnicity when they are referred to as punjabi - instead it should make you ponder that the problem is also within you rather than with someone else outside.

2 - Qadiyani Mosques

On 28th May 2010, around 80 qadiyani worshipers were killed when their 'mosques' (yes I am using the word mosque) were attacked by Taliban (punjabi taliban). On the one hand, this was a grotesque act to kill innocent worshipers, it was also hideous to treat qadiyani deaths as some how lesser in value. The 'so what' approach of ordinary pakistanis, since it involved death of qadiyanis, is mind boggling. Not everyone reacted like this mind you, candle light vigils were taken place in Lahore to mourn the deaths of qadiyani worshipers.

The general attitude goes like this as the statement on a discussion board shows:

"There is no reason for a muslim to do hue and cry or protest on qadyani's issue. If it was with Hindus, sikhs, christian or else we all could have sympathy & spoke on humanitarian grounds. But when a group plays with my religious belief & values having malicious intentions, degrace our Prophet (PBUH) and his family, there is no reason for a true muslim to have sympathy or soft corner or protest."

An SMS that I received talked about condemning the Interior Minister for using the term 'mosque' for the qadiyani place of worship because they were not muslims! How great. We, as pure muslims, value other peoples lives by their faith?! How pathetic is that?! What kind of Islam is this?! A place of worship is a place of worship! Not playing politics! Let me show my more superior-in-faith muslim brethren what Quran says...

22:40 - ... if it were not for GOD's supporting of some people against others, monasteries, churches, synagogues, and masjids - where the name of GOD is commemorated frequently - would have been destroyed. Absolutely, GOD supports those who support Him. GOD is Powerful, Almighty.

In a qadiyani worship place, they worship God - not who they claim as their last prophet. Just as we muslims pray to God and not worship Prophet Muhammad whom we claim was the last of Prophets. We hate Qadiyanis, even more than jews, just because they don't practice their faith as we do... and we thus treat them with contempt and utter disrespect. Horrible.

Concern yourself with what you do regarding our religious deeds, not what others do. You are going in your own grave. Let God decide who is wrong and who is right.

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