Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Shahra e Faisal Alert!

All drivers plying on Shahra e Faisal beware! There is a serious 'distraction' these days and may result in any accident!

The advent of March has seen all sorts of colours blossom - and divas donning them! The intense lawn competition amongst textile mills, their designers and respective brand ambassadors has led to a color riot and beauties on billboards of Karachi. These may be heaven for eyes for some (including me perhaps :p) but its a very serious distraction for drivers! Keep your car and yourself under control!!


And the coup was made by Firdous Mills! I mean who would have thought that someone in the textile industry would bang in with an Indian model! and that too Kareena Kapoor! The move has for sure destroyed the competition (that is my personal opinion). It heralds a new trend in Pakistani textile and its good for sure.

As I was saying... be careful drivers!

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