Saturday, March 13, 2010

*Acting God*

*scene: an old man selling vegetables.*

He: please buy some vegetables from me as I have to feed my children
I: (Acting like God and taking out a currency note) 'here take this too. I'll buy vegetables as well'
He: sorry. I do not take charity. Buy vegetables.
I: *dumbfounded* its not charity. I am giving you from myself with no intentions like that.
He: No. I will not take it. Buy vegetables instead.
I: why so?
He: I once got money from a lady and my 3 kids fell ill. I am not taking this from you.
I: *quietly buying the vegetables from him*


Sophi said...

is 'fittay munh' a slang?

PostMan said...

not at all. its common language of pakistan :)