Thursday, January 21, 2010

Productive Profiling?

He: I think they (Americans) should profile; it is Muslims blowing up planes and building and not old white ladies. Whenever I fly; I feel much more comfortable if I see the staff profiling and checking Muslim men more closely. I for one am not offended in the least

I: I don't think profiling works in this case (security at airports). Its just more nuisance for passengers and escalated security costs. They 'should' have caught that idiot nigerian with good-for-nothing in his pants.

He: How can you say that profiling does not work? 9 out of 10 times, such attacks are comitted by non-caucasian, male adults who are primarily (with a few exceptions) Muslims. Airport security must identify men who fit into this category and give them a very thorogh once over; maybe even a strip search. I fall into this category and would not mind any security precaution which makes my flight safer.

I: how many cases have you heard that worked when profiling was being done? That nigerian still went through. I still maintain that in this particular case, muslim profiling is not productive. They should focus more on how the nigerian got through. It appears that these body scanners have got to be 'sold'. Strip search, and these scanners, are the worst thing to happen to 'you' but you are still unaware I guess. Your civil liberties are going to dust - as if you had them after 911. And a pakistani is telling this to an american.. how amazing.

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