Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Benazir Bhutto 'shaheed'

Give me a break will ya. First she became 'shaheed' (I don't know what is the criteria for being eligible for 'shaheed' or martyr but she does not fit it), then we had a national holiday on December 27th to commemorate her martyrdom (I am all ok for holiday trust me!) then we had a commemorative coin released by the central bank on the same date! I don't know but I guess Pakistan Post must have come up with a stamp too! did I miss it?

The thing is.. in Pakistan.. a thing is exploited for way much of its value - Benazir Bhutto's death is just the latest example. Bhuttos are one tragic family. One feels sorry for them really the way they transferred out of earth. Father hanged, one brother killed, another one poisoned, she herself got killed. They are in essence truly 'unlucky' family of Pakistani politicians. I mean a Pakistani politician does not die like this. They are one pampered lot.

The press, tv were all praises for her. I honestly do not know why. She was a feudal. All her life she spent the life of the elite. She 'ruled' the people of her constituency. She did not give a damn about democracy. She was in a power fight, first with General Zia and then with her political foe Nawaz Sharif. She had come to Pakistan by making a 'deal' with Pervaiz Musharraf who was by anyones definition a military dictator. Yeah that was for 'democracy'! hurray! She was the 'Lifetime Chairperson' of her party! ever heard of that anywhere in world?!

She kept denying whole her life that she did not know of Surrey Palace (they were alleged to be the owners and which they were), she made a deal with Musharraf that she'll support him as president if all cases are dropped against her (NRO was the result). Her husband was dubbed Mr.10% for the commissions that he took on deal when he was Minister for Privatization in her premiership.

Its also a facade that she cared for people. She only cared for herself - just like any feudal pakistani politician. She gave lectures to west on democracy and Islam and duffers that they are considered her to be the leading light of the two issues. A 'woman' from a third wold country? especially Islamic country? unheard of! Unbelievable! so every crap she utters is gleefully accepted as true! Although I must admit we as muslim world did not use her 'marketing' potential that much because hey.. if they keep telling us their democracy is best bullshit then we can do the same too eh?

She did nothing for women. She did nothing for people of her constituency. They are in fact more poor. Please do not tell me that 'army and religious parties were against her so she was not successful'. If they are true then they are hurdles for every politician in Pakistan who wants to amend things for good in Pakistan for women or minorities - she was not God sent. And Women's Bill was put forward by the dictator Musharraf - not democrat Benazir.

So thanks for the Holiday but no thanks. Leave me out of this martyrdom crap.


raza said...

My dear you are a bit too critical on the departed soul. Don't take me as pro PPP but i think we must spare the dead few deeds that are otherwise punishable under different circumstances.

The issue of "shaheed" is quite right, as to no one who is embarked on the personal gain can be called by this name, and this might generate a lengthy debate. But this word is now used in such abundence that its real significance is gone.

Then the corruption charges, yes i totally agree that the first couple made it their life long ambition to become the first wealthiness couple of the world by draining the wealth of one of the poorest country of the world.

Last but not the least, is the governance. Well for the last many years i have not even seen a single government that has this quality. They are all a bunch of vultures safe guarding their vested interests and caring hoots about the poor nation.

So my dear nice post but do try to tone down it a bit as she is dead and we have a totally different code for the dead and departed souls

Take care

a fan said...

If i remember correctly, i think i read in "Dawn" about the Postage stamp release...

Actually, all these things including corruption are fine as per me provided the politicians do something good for the country or atleast don't screw up the good things from happening.

btw, the latest shocking news for me from Pak paper is this about corporate farming. Even from my liberal capitalist standard, i think this is atrocious and might not do any good to the country with a corruption history.

PostMan said...

@raza - thanks bro. honestly I had no intention of making mockery of her death. The issues were the ones to which you 'agreed' :)

@a fan - yup. Corporate Farming scares the hell out of me considering its implications for a third world country like Pakistan.

The Chef said...

It is typically South Asian, to have families controlling a political party and their death being glorified and used by their relatives to gain power. Gandhi family in India is a good example of self centered and dictatorial political party with psychophants sorrounding Sonia Gandhi. Death has benefitted politicians in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh too.