Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What if..?

*itar (perfume) guy talking to me about an itar. I am not that fan of itars*

Guy: This is a new itar.. the smell wont wear off for 2 days!

damn! 2 days! what if I do not like it! How on earth will I get rid of it?!

*hands me the sample itar in small bottle*

Its still in front of me on the table and am staring at it.


a fan said...

Is the staring process still going on? :)

I think you should advise the itar guy not to make such a long lasting itars because then a small bottle will last for a long time and also people will never be able to try out different itars per day.. both are negative for his business.

PostMan said...

Na! am done with staring :p

Actually gave it to a religious guy I know, they are kinda into itars as they are mostly non-alcoholic.

I dunno. I think people do actually look for 'long lasting' effects in perfumes? right?

a fan said...

but 2 days looks too long...