Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Birthday!

You turn 1 today janu :) mashallah...

Last night... the lights were out and UPS was on. You don't like fan! you like Air Conditioner! You were absolutely nuts with sleep but did not sleep because the AC was not on! Your mum and I were drowsy and you were playing! And then when the lights came on.. I switched on the AC for you.. you cracked a laughter! I went out of room to re-fill your bottle feed and when I came back.. you were already asleep face down on bed as if sleeping since ages!

You are one cute darling. *Tightest of janu hugs*

Happy Birthday. May you be under Gods protection. May you be blessed. *Kiss on your forehead*

-Your Baba-


Kurri Pataki said...

baby has turned 1? aww mashallah!! *wipes of tears*

how come you didn't mentioned that in one of your very many emails? ugh. hate you!

Amen to the duaa.

baby, i hope you stay happily ever after.. and i certainly hope that you manage to find the perfect prince of yours dreams (and if it's hard to get through baba, let me know and we'll fix his brains together ;-) )

i also hope that you get straight As. quick tip for the future: don't rely too much on the AC.. waisay i did hear that loadshedding's gonna get better next year. baby's second birthday will hopefully be happy and AC-ed.


Kurri Pataki said...

i meant perfect prince of YOUR dreams :/

Me said...

And..Happy Baby Birthday to proud Baba and Mama :)
Wishing her the world...