Saturday, February 02, 2008


What kind of a mystery is a 'woman'?! They really are from Venus I swear! No no! Venus is too near by for this specie! They are from like.. another galaxy! where specie don't live by breathing oxygen rather suck it from others!

oh I know them!
No No! Not the I know "know" them kind.. its actually I know "do not!" kind!
(what the hell was that? what am I writing?)

No matter what you do for them.. it will be worthless! what will be more important is what you 'did not' do! You do 99 good things.. 1 thing you forget.. and hell would break lose!

Its like damned if you do and ... well you are already damned if you didn't!

And the gift! nothing is more important in this world than the gift! you give them anything you want with all the love you can... and if it is not tagged 'gift'... forget about it cuz they'll ask you where is their 'gift'.

'I do not ask for anything else... these small things matter alot' they'll say. And then you'll ask yourself how could you do this to anyone?! thats a cardinal sin! you are doomed my brother!

If you had an argument with them. Beware. The moment you try to make the conversation - you'll be snubbed. And after that you'll be snubbed for not making the communication! Lovely eh?!

The world is 'oh so pretty' when a woman presents it to you with her charm.. and she can make life hell the very next moment if you are not compliant! Its like the Security Council and all the veto votes are with them!

Damn. You cant live without them either.
OK I am trying to make another contact.....

This was written after a bout of word exchange.. and with a strong male bias.. so forgive me.
Oh better not!

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MB said...

you live with two females in the house.

sabar karo! i'll tell the little one what daddy has been saying. how can you not understand her. tsk tsk.