Saturday, February 23, 2008

Clip Mania

You are sitting on your seat doing your work when a 'friend' of yours pops up and places his mobile phone in front of you. You have this feeling where this would lead to. 'Play it' he says referring to a clip.. and when you play it.. you get to see an amateur video showing a couple in a garden or somewhere going smoochy smooch!

What the hell!

What is with people! What kind of satisfaction do they get by sharing such kind of clips in which people are 'caught' doing something! ridiculous! (by the way I am all for consensual ones :p)

Now there are different types of people that would show you the clip. First is the type that I narrated above. He is your (supposedly) friend, either office or home, who you know has a collection of these clips! "haha! see what these morons are doing!" he'll tell you! You look at him and say ..'uh huh'.. amusing.

Then there are the types that speak as if they want to avenge something. "Look at what is happening in Islamic republic! this is what you call Islamic?! Musharraf did all this! Enlightened Moderation my ass!" They say this after narrating everything about the clip of where the location is and what 'they'll do now in scene!'

Then there are the sort of people that start off with dangers of enlightened moderation and go all the way to implementation of shariah! Mashallah! You start imagining the piety when they will narrate to you what sort of clips they saw on mobile phones with a certain friend of theirs! And then they'll promise to send you a clip in email! Lovely!

There is a class of clips, audio files to be specific, that are border-line sadistic! A guy would randomly call a number. Talk really weird stuff to the listener online, then gets abused by the listener and records everything! Then the sharing starts! 'Have you heard that clip?! haha! that is really funny!' a certain someone will tell you.

Then there are those nuts that dial call centers and would talk to the lady operator. They would talk to her with all the innuendos and double entendres!

I remember sometime back, a huge scandal had rocked Rawalpindi when secretly filmed video clips of an internet cafe were released (CD Version man! effective distribution!) in which couples came for internet surfing and ended up surfing things other than that. One can complain about their acts but what about those who were actively participating in 'distribution' of it?! 'Man you should see what they were doing! how come people do that in cafes! .. that guy was really weird!'

Man we are sick! 'Haha!' as long as its happening to other?!