Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lord of the (my own) World!

On May 29th I was blessed with an angel.. my daughter. Well if one asks me how am I feeling, am I a changed person now.. NO! yeah strange.. but I feel normal! Yes I love my daughter! she is so cute... but I am still the same! there is one more person that requires my attention and love! and I have plenty of that to give to her :)

I do not know whether its becasue of 'men' or 'women' thinking or feeling differently.. but somebody (a father) told me that you start to 'really' associate with the little one when they start giving response to your actions... my janu daughter keeps blank when I kiss her :)

One thing is strange.. she does not focus on the person holding her or is trying to get her attention.. she watches on or side of shoulders! I do not know whether other people having little ones have noticed this as well(?) As if she is watching someone else.. and who really gets her attention! and she even passes smiles while looking their! she even smiles while sleeping! she does not smile for me! damn! angels there too?

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