Friday, June 15, 2007

I Do Not Remember

yeah I do not.. do you remember what went on with you when you were born and then when you started growing up? All those kisses and hugs and care takings of you when you could not even see straight! the love filled talks that your parents, your siblings, the people around you did with you while you were busy dirtying your pampers! I cant remember anything!

I know.. just having a baby born to me - my thoughts are usually centered on her. Also my posts will be more on her!

But this is strange... one cant remember anything that happened when one is in a 'Child state'. I keep kissing my daughter and I know that she wont remember any of it! still I do it! still I hug her and talk to her... hmm... is this what we call life?

And then you see people really turning into something else when they grow up... misbehaving with the same people that took so much care of him/ her when he/ she was a child... making sure not even a single instance of harm occurs... but the tables turn for the bad. (I am only highlighting the negative side because that is what hurts the most).

Ok enough of this crazy world... starting once again.. I remember the sights and sounds of places when I guess I was ..umm.. 4? not that much of it mind you... How much do you remember?

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