Friday, June 17, 2011

Rape? Very Funny

Everybody receives SMS on their cell phones. The gender classified as 'Males' do a certain act when it comes to SMS containing adult content - we pass it on to many of our male brethren for ... umm...  the greater good of the humanity? I do not know for what purpose but we do so. No clue seriously. Call us idiots. Or perverts. Whatever.

The other day, I received this message. Read it...

'Define Rape with help of one good example? 
Rape is a very difficult job. For example, it is like playing golf with continuously moving hole'

Stomach churns?

I was stunned. How could anyone make a joke out of rape? What is wrong with people. And why are people forwarding it? This is not a joke for heavens sake. This cruelty. This is trivializing of the worst kind of an issue extremely important. Just as I have received it, countless many men would have received it. I could not forward it, many would have done so. What does it show?

It shows a complete lack of humanity. It shows the attitude of a society towards a serious crime rendering it mundane. A thing that can be treated as a joke. Certain questions came in to my mind. Was it a Pakistani creation? Is it reflective of only Pakistani society? Or did this SMS came bordering hopping into Pakistan? Do others think the same about this issue?

I know for Pakistan that it is considered fault of the woman if she is raped. She must have been wearing 'wrong' clothes or she must be in a wrong company always which would have ultimately resulted in her being raped. Anything to place the blame on the woman and giving clean slate to the men - 'hey, he just could not control himself'. How pathetic is that.

Seriously it amazes me how trivial we consider the issue of rape. No one has the right to violate a woman's sanctity no matter what the situation! It requires two to tango does not figure in this scenario! Please stop this insanity.


Majaz said...

Okay. I'm disgusted. JUST DISGUSTED.

*throws up*

M.Usman ghani said...

For accurate and true knowledge of the Quran in particular and of Islam in general, one must refer to the authentic books and to the learned scholars.