Saturday, May 28, 2011

Burqa and Bikini

The two represent the farthest possible political/ cultural inclinations of societies of this planet called Earth. The opponents and proponents of both these clothing wear are suspicious like hell of each other. Both suspect that the other is against their 'identity' and of what they stand for. Religious beliefs, culture superiority, political ideologies are thrashed out in discussions - each trying to score over the another. Beneath all the facade of arguments and ideologues - is an entity called woman.

One thing is for sure - burqa now represents 'oppression' of womenfolk. Muslims and Islam as a religion in particular are criticized for it. Arguments for 'enslavement' are common. Muslim women are trained to 'not think', they just are not aware that burqa/ pardah is a form of oppression. If pardah is abhorrent.. burqa (all enveloping one) is evil. French know that. They even banned it. Some 2000 women in France that don burqa have no clue what torment of a life theirs is. They are being forced to wear burqa. They should have the choice to wear what they want to wear and should not be bound by any religious injunction.

Sound arguments I must say.

But then I get to see this.

This file photo shows a group of women golf caddies at the Tangcheng golf course in Shanghai's Pudong district. China's golf officials are urging players to show their "beautiful side" -- by wearing brightly coloured shirts and skirts -- to boost the sport's profile and marketing potential, the China Daily said.
(Source: Yahoo! News of 28th May 2011)

And a news like this.

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) has introduced a new dress code, which comes into effect from May 1 and requires all female players to wear skirts or dresses in Grand Prix tournaments and above "to ensure attractive presentation of badminton" (Link)

Which makes me wonder... what the hell is going on? The dress code in Badminton was introduced to raise the 'profile of the game', I discussed it in my post Badminton's Conundrum. The Chines women caddies are being told to wear bright skirts and to show their 'beautiful side' (whatever that is) to boost the sports profile and marketing potential.

If you talk about burqa and religion, the argument is that women are being told to do so because it is good. Here, they are being told to wear skirts for a some other reason. The thing is that women are being told in either case. (yes I know Islam 'enforces' it because women are slaves. thank you). Still. 

Does anybody care to let women know what they want? Yes I know its a stupid question because no one knows what women want but lets just ask it anyways. How is the extreme right different from the extreme left? Both 'advise' women to do something which would be beneficial for them. The guys of badminton believe women can even earn more in this world whereas muslims (who go for burqa) believe women can earn more in afterlife.

What should be banned? The Burqa, Skirt or the mentality of telling others what to do? Seems like everyone knows what is better for women except women themselves.

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