Thursday, September 09, 2010

Will Mother Teresa Go To Heaven?

Put this question to a muslim then see the reaction. The answer most probably will range from the straight-in-your-face 'No she will not, she was a christian', to 'well she did good deeds but only monotheists will go to heaven.' or to the considerate 'she will go to heaven for her good deeds but after expiating herself.'

Now put the same question to the muslim with he himself being the subject: 'Will you go to heaven?' Whatever the answer - how does he know what will happen to him? How can anyone know what will happen to the other person regarding matters of faith?

Problem with muslims is (and not just muslims) that when they analyze people in term of faith, they tend to downgrade the other. How? Consider the case of Ahmadis. They are the 'scumbags' of this earth for most of the muslims - and why? because they believe in a different person as Prophet. Two things come to my mind. 1) How does another persons faith affect my own faith? and 2) How on earth a certain faith can describe the character of another person? Apparently, every mullah should be an angel. Really? I do not think so.

I know God is very clear in Quran - and Books before it that only thing unpardonable is polytheism. But this is my belief since I am the follower of that Book. This in no way should translate in to downgrading of others peoples belief or being judgmental about their character. As to the question whether muslims will enter heaven - God has answered in Quran that this is not the prerogative of muslims only.

Quran 2:62 -Those who believe (in the Qur'an), and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians,- any who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.

Anyone can go to heaven provided they believe in God, do good deeds and know that they will be held accountable for their acts. Yes I know it still is restrictive in nature but that is what I am supposed to believe in. I will explain myself later on this point.

If you would think that only muslims will go to heaven and that would be the end of story - forget it. Muslims today consist of various sects - the umbrella at the top being divided between Shias and Sunnis. Then there are various sub-sects within them and each considers itself the only inheritors of paradise.

So Angeline Jolie, by todays standards, cannot go to heaven for all her brilliant humanitarian deeds because she is not a muslim. Even if she were a muslim, she had to be a syed, shia or sunni (depending on what your belief is) to be entitled for heaven. Tough luck Jolie!

My argument - why fret with who is going to heaven or not when there is no clear distinction between humans regarding matters of faith and certainly when HE says He will judge ultimately? My God, after all, is a creation of my own beliefs. What if there is no Judgment Day and we all get screwed?

So what message do we muslims get from the Quran on this issue? Interestingly Quran informs
muslims (and which is the 'moral' of my post) to 'maintain' their opinion of faith and let the matter be decided by God Himself on the day of judgment.

42:15 - Now then, for that (reason), call (them to the Faith), and stand steadfast as thou art commanded, nor follow thou their vain desires; but say: "I believe in the Book which Allah has sent down; and I am commanded to judge justly between you. Allah is our Lord and your Lord: for us (is the responsibility for) our deeds, and for you for your deeds. There is no contention between us and you. Allah will bring us together, and to Him is (our) Final Goal.

109:06 - For you is your religion, and for me is mine.


Majaz said...


Thought-provoking indeed.

A lot of 'thoughts' come to mind after reading this. But I'll say only this.

In our world of possibilities nuclear annihilation and suicide bombers ... tolerance is definitely needed.

Anonymous said...

Though we cannot judge anyone about their fate in akhirat as Allah is gafoor-ur-rahim he may forgive anyone and no one can question him.

But as per Quran any sin may be forgiven by Allah except shirk which is mentioned in Quran in so many locations.

Though mother Tressa is obviusly one of the great human being, who sacrificed her whole life for humanity.

But one of her side is she believe in trinity which is shirk which would not be forgiven by Allah as Quran mentioned in so many locations.

Quran also clearify that those who does not believe in Allah and the teachings which are sent to Prophet Mohammad (SAW) his / her all goods deeds would be wasted.

Quran says in 47:1 "Those who disbelieve and avert [people] from the way of Allah - He will waste their deeds."

and in 47:2 "But those who believe and do righteous good deeds, and believe in that which is sent down to Muhammad (SAW), for it is the truth from their Lord, He will expiate from them their sins, and will make good their state."

In the light of Quranic verses it is clear that Mother Teressa would not go to heaven as she does not believe in oneness of Allah and Propher Muhammad (SAW) and all good deeds would be wasted. This is not my version but Quran is saying this.

On the other hand if someone has done sinful acts and believes in Oneness of Allah and Muhammad (SAW), his sins would be forgiven by Allah.

But still Allah knows the best. Hope your confusion has been cleared now.

PostMan said...

Actually this was my whole post which you consider a confusion :)

Thanks for the comment. I know and am perfectly clear what my God wants and His criteria for human salvation - what I am not clear about is the point that how humans can judge other peoples beliefs. How do you know what was in Mother Teresa's heart?

Should you not just respect her what she did and leave the faith part to God? What will happen to all of us will be a matter of judgment day. Nay?


Islamic Family Law said...

About heaven is Allah's business. No one knows whether someone will go to the heaven or not, except Allah.