Friday, August 13, 2010

Pakistan - To Do List

Being a member of ArmChair Analysts Party, I am drawing up a To-Do list of what to do with Pakistan in case I become a Prime Minister. I know its a tough thinking assignment but being a drawing room armchair analyst for quite some years now, I have become adept in it. Of course I being of the group that only talks and does nothing in reality to help change the situation in my country, for this 14th August Independence Day, I am offering here my Top-10 To-Do List for Pakistan.

Please feel free to come up with your own Top-10 or Top-15, (Top 5?) if you like, of things to do to Pakistan if you were made the Prime Minister. I am 'thinking' (as usual) that perhaps this may result in ideas that can perhaps be read by someone who can do something to change the situation - perhaps a least bit. Or any good idea that can be picked up by someone to be implemented. Or a list that we can draw up and perhaps (ludicrously) make part of political parties manifesto - assure them that we will vote for them. Some moron is going to win so the wish list could be made a part of every party's manifesto.

The list could be anything that comes to your mind. They can be very practical to totally ridiculous. Ridiculous has a lot of creativity I believe. What I would prefer is a wish list that is with a certain practical implementation of it. So here is my To-Do list.

1 - Disband the Moonsighting committee. Observe the first of ramadan with Saudia to clean up the domestic mess. Trust me its a mess. I am from Peshawar and I live in Karachi so every year I get to taste the best of 'mayhem' in this country. I have witnessed situation in which half of my family was observing fast and half celebrating Eid! Why waste time on such issues?

2 - Rename part of Arabian Sea as Pakistan Sea. I agree with Ardsher Cowasjee.. why not?

3 - Make ISI accountable for their deeds. If they are so good, they should be applauded - if not - made to pay. They can be made to speak through elected representatives, kinda like congressional hearings in US. I know they get a lot of bad PR, let them give a voice too eh?

4 - Make a centralized coordination centre of information sharing for all the intelligence agencies to prevent terrorism attacks. What I have seen is that information of impending terrorist attack is already there but was not shared with all in time thus preventing the loss of innocent lives and loss of capable administrators in form of Police officers or elected representatives.

5 - Make a truly independent authority in Karachi to bring to book the culprits that have created mayhem in the city. We seriously need that in Karachi as lot of innocent blood has been spilled.

6 - Introduce uniform education curriculum all over the country. Yes its a provincial subject but force the provinces to do so. Every Pakistani child needs to have a good education and that requires a good uniform curriculum. Every public and private school should be made to follow it - including medressahs. They can offer 'other' subjects if they wish to but there should be standard minimum for all.

7 - Make Competition Commission of Pakistan a truly independent authority. That should make a lot of cartels wet their pants. This would ensure that Courts do not have to take the suo-moto course which is not right in my opinion. The findings of Competition Commission can be be presented in court and let they decide what the final verdict is.

8 - Ensure that every classified information is declassified after a certain time period. We need to know a lot of what has happened in the past. This should make assignment of responsibility possible and things could come to fore as to why something happened.

9 - Remove the Blasphemy and Hudood Laws from the law books of Pakistan. Remove the condition of 'muslim only' head of state. The Blasphemy Laws are only used to exploit the minorities - there is nothing sacred to them. Regarding 'muslim only' head of State condition, I believe its totally discriminatory since every 'Pakistani' has the right to serve the nation regardless of the faith. I would be better off with a capable 'infidel' ahmadi than a dumb-ass mullah.

10 - Make mandatory on big corporates for establishment of water filtration plants by assigning them districts of Pakistan and make them accountable through elected representatives and media. Clean water should be accessible to all pakistanis and this may lead to reduction in lots of diseases.

So whats your list?


Anonymous said...

Point 6: The uniform education mantra is quite old now. Recently Punjab Board has made mandatory Class VIII's Board Examination for students who would appear in Matric. Even O'Levels students will have to appear in Matric Exams. Hope that satisfies you! Life sucks for a student.

PostMan said...

thanks anonymous :)

Actually I was talking about the syllabus :) O levels too in matric?! sucks and bites!

Anonymous said...

You left out the most important one: "Disband the army"
-comment from you know who