Monday, February 09, 2009

Here Come The Militants!

They have announced their arrival with a bang. The police checkpost in Mianwali, a border town near restive NWFP, is a grim reminder that Pakistani society is facing the worst scenario of civil unrest that it has seen for decades. The two story building was reduced to rubble when the militants destroyed it with powerful explosives. They attacked the post around 3 am, killed the constables on guard and then killed 6 police personnel inside before blowing up the building. Militants have come to Punjab with an attitude.

So how is it different this time around? I mean, suicide attacks have taken place before in Lahore and Rawalpindi. Yes indeed Punjab has been struck with tragedy of suicide bombings on various occasions but this attack on post signals the fact that militants will now increase their sphere of influence outside the frontier province and tribal belt. Swat is already under Taliban's control, Peshawar is closed from 3 sides, Dir - hitherto untouched- is falling to their control. Taliban are effectively utilizing their FM radio transmission network. They use it to broadcast information, threats, jihad sermons and everything that matters. And locals do listen.. because in these transmissions is their security. If your name is aired. rest assured you will be dead soon.

They have also established Taliban High Courts (THC). Young men recruited from these area are dispensing justice - quick time that is. People actually prefer these courts because they get quick results although usually Taliban are thrashing someone for some reason. You say 'Nay' - you will get drubbed. This of course highlights the most atrocious act of State negligence as it could be. The militants now and religious outfits before them, wanted a speedy justice system - not the one is plaguing rest of the Pakistan since ages in which there is no relief for the complainant. Swat had an effective justice system under 'wali e swat' and when in 1969 they formally came under Pakistanis state rule, the administration system was removed with the inefficient and corrupt system prevalent all across Pakistan. People don't forget mind you. Forget that, why should anyone NOT demand a speedy system of justice?

Then there is this intriguing role of Army. Just what the hell are they doing in Swat and tribal areas? They cant even pin point location of Maulvi Fazlullah - the notorious cleric of Swat? They cant stop FM transmissions? People of these localities say that there is no protection for them against militants. Army is no where to be seen! So where is the Army? Is it afraid of militants? Are they busy with 'strategic depth' issues in Afghanistan so much that they cannot find the time for their own homeland issues? Or are they waiting for the 'opportune time' to strike at civilian government saying they are ineffective in controlling situation in Pakistan?! Luck it seems on their side as Pakistan is bestowed with an extremely incompetent Government. Mr Zardari is busy in extracting revenge through Democracy from poor Pakistanis.

So Punjab be prepared. Your police check posts will be attacked. Your political administration will be weakened - targeting Nazims, political figures, anyone standing against them. They have routed the administration in Swat that is why police and locals cant do anything. So the time has come for Pakistanis to stand their ground against the assault on them - mind you, don't expect help from civil government or Army. God bless.

Buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy, ’cause Kansas is going bye-bye.

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Awais said...

Very horrible and tragic situation in the country.