Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shaukat Khanam Memorial Trust Cancer Hospital

The other day I was watching a program on Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust (SKMT) cancer hospital which was built by our cricketer turned politician Imran Khan. Tell you what. Watching the scenes with patients, their problems, doctors, labs, treatment, 'generosity' of people of Pakistan, the immensity of this whole thing - I was teary eyed all along.

How the hell can a thing operate so smoothly in Pakistan? that too with all the donations pouring in from all over Pakistan? The interviewers kept asking patients whether SKMT had taken money from them - and they said No. All of their treatment was free. This is unimaginable considering that cancer treatment is horrendously expensive. Those who can afford it, make their contribution too in treatment. Yes they reject patient cases too but they say they do it do it because they do not have the capacity.

I remember when Imran Khan came to Edwardes College Peshawar for his funding campaign as I was standing amongst the students too. It appeared as if there was only one human being standing and talking - the rest were all dickheads. After he finished speaking - students, one by one, came forward and started emptying their pockets or donated whatever they could including myself. This is what 'leadership' is all about. This is what 'command and do not demand respect' means. The sincerity of the man was such that one could not help but help.

And now one can see the masterpiece that SKMT hospital is and is treating patients. The other organization that comes to my mind is SIUT - working on kidney related diseases and treatment thereoff for free. I salute all you guys.


SKMT Hospital Website.
SIUT Website

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