Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Belgian Grand Prix 2008

Don't tell me you did not see it? Oh come on! You missed it!

It was boring! And then it turned totally unbelievable in the last couple of laps. Belgian Grand Prix was just a cherry on the cake.

Louis Hamilton started on poll on a circuit that has a notoriuos weather. Sure enough, early rain had made track slippery and this made Hamilton commit the mistake and lost his poll position to defending champion Kimi Raikonnen. The race was scheduled for 44 laps. Up till 39th lap, Kimi was in title lead followed by Hamilton. Then came the rain! and things started to go berserk! Hamilton caught Kimi on lap 42. Kimi touched the rear of Hamiltons car with his cars nose. Just ahead, in a corner, Hamilton was in a tight spot and he cut the chicane whereas Kimi followed it. As Hamilton got the lead - he spun! giving Kimi the lead instead. Kimi, of all, spun himself and crashed in the wall. How lovely.

Hamilton won the race. his smile had not faded yet when it was announced that stewards had penalized Hamilton for 25 sec for cutting the chicane where he took lead from Kimi! In the end, Hamilton stood third in the race.

Man. F1 rules.

I think I wrote this post just for the sake of it!

Complete story here.


a fan said...

For the first time, i felt an article written in BBC to be slightly biased!

I didn't watch the race, but saw the interlude that caused the penalty. I think the decision is right, but even Mr.Slater seems to have a different opinion.

Imagine if this same thing had happened with Schumi in place of Hamilton...then the whole world would have agreed to the decision!

I really hope Ferrari has a one-two finish in Monza...

PostMan said...

Should the batsman leave by himself if he touched the ball that was caught by the wicketkeeper OR should he stand there and wait for the umpires decision?! (I have no idea why I gave this example but this is what came in my mind :p)

Yes the race was excellent and Hamilton won it but stewards action brought even more to F1! The drama the never seems to end :)