Thursday, April 24, 2008

Torment of the Grave

Q. Will there be 'azab e qabr'?
A. No.

As muslims we all believe that we will judged for our acts on the Judgment Day. Quran is quite detailed about the Judgment Day and several verses give a portrayal of that day. The earth will become barren and the mountains will be wiped out (18:47), horn will be blown and everyone will rise from their graves and go to their Lord (36:51), the deeds will be evaluated (36:54). We also know that souls will enter heaven in case of death if the person has performed good deeds (36:26).

There is another thing in Islamic literature which deals with Torment of the Grave, 'azaab e qabr'. According to this, the evil doers will really get a thrashing! I mean their grave for one will be so tight that they will not be able to breath, there will be snakes and I do not now what to cause them hurt. On the other hand the doers of good will be treated nicely in their graves.

The thing is.. there is no such thing in Quran regarding torment of the grave. What I get from Quran is that there would be hardly anything like that! Check this verse...

20:102 - The Day when the Trumpet will be sounded: that Day, We shall gather the sinful, blear-eyed (with terror).
20:103 - In whispers will they consult each other: "Yet remained not longer than ten (Days);
20:104 - We know best what they will say, when their leader most eminent in conduct will say: "Ye remained not longer than a day!"

Tell me.. whats the purpose of so great a torment to the evil doers when they do not even remember what happened?! I mean there has to be a purpose for the torment right? If you keep torturing me the whole night and the next morning I don't remember a thing... isn't that quite helpful for me?

There will be no such thing as torment of the grave because God has already stated that He will judge the deeds on a specific day called Judgment Day. I understand the reason for all such stuff as this become sort of moral suasion for the believers to do good deeds. Though there will be no such thing.



ReallyVirtual said...

Good point - and since all believers will go to heaven eventually (yes?) so we can keep sinning as long as we have a shred of faith in us (hehe).

PostMan said...

"Good point - and since all believers will go to heaven eventually (yes?)"

No :p

2:81 - Nay, but whosoever hath done evil and his sin surroundeth him; such are rightful owners of the Fire; they will abide therein.

Once you are in there brother.. you are there for sure!

"so we can keep sinning as long as we have a shred of faith in us (hehe)."

Its called Free Will :)