Tuesday, December 11, 2007

King Tut

Tell me whether you have seen this picture or not?

Courtesy Wikipedia

I bet you must have. But many of you dont know who he is. Let me take you on a short journey of history of pharohs. I'll be posting various entries regarding Egypt. I have an interest with egyptology but damn it! why the hell have I been quiet?!

Tutankhamun or King Tut as he is popularly known is a world famous boy-king. He was crowned the pharoh at the age of 9. There is some confusion still on who his father and mother were but it is assumed that his father was Akhenaten. I will write more about Akhenaten in my later posts becasue he was the one that introduced monotheism in Egypt! His step-mother Nefertiti, thought to be one of the pretiest of Queens. One post dedicated to her as well :p

King Tutankhamun is famous becasue his tomb was found completely intact, the first of its kind, by a very famous archaeologist Howard Carter. Normaly a tomb when found does not contain the complete collection of assessories that had been buried with the kings sarcophagus. It has been looted already by the looters in the by-gone era and the treaure hunters. Howard Carter also comes in the same category but has the tile of archaeologist :p Dont ask me what he and his men did to the mummy to retrieve gold! In case of Tutenkhamun, the tomb KV-69 was found completely intact in the Valley of the Kings.

The scientists (Egyptologist to be specific) have done extensice CT Scanning of his mummy and come out with a computer generated face.

Recently he was shifted to his 'new' resting place (a glass chamber that would save him from heat, humidity and tourists :p) BBC has the complete pictorial of it if you want to check. I am just giving some of the pictures here.

All pictures courtesy BBC.

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