Monday, April 16, 2007

I Killed a Pigeon

Weird right? well not exactly. I was parking my car in a parking lot. As I drove, a couple of pigeons came moving in front of my car. I drove with the usual 'they'll fly by' attitude... and one of the pigeons did not. I drove over that pigeon.

I cant explain how awful I felt. To make it doubly awaful was the fact that the partner pigeon was standing right beside that dead pigeon while crows were trying to their job. Man I felt sick.

In this world of mayhem, people are killing other people and I am talking of killing of a pigeon. Sissy?

1 comment:

Jasim said...

Surely that was accident and you realized soo much ... Infact you learned a lesson and we alway's should be carefull from such unseen act ....