Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bloody Basant

Innocent lives were lost again this basant. Yes, the administration was responsible for this but the blame is shared equally by another party as well - the Lahorites. I find the policing of 'kite-flyers' by police as a ridiculous approach to solving the issue which is unmanageable to say the least. It is a social responsibility of people residing in a particular area that dangers of kite-flying, especially the use of metal wire, be told. It was the people that were using metal wires not police, it was they who were doing the aerial firing not the administration. How many people told their friends, their neighbours, family members and kids that they should not do such acts because it can kill someone? perhaps they were all busy in merrymaking and basant. Innocent blood is at their hands too. My sympathies with all those who have lost their loved ones.

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Jasim said...

we should not cellebrate anytthing which is harmfull..rather spending soo much on basant,the same amount money should be donated to poor people ..