Friday, December 02, 2005

Good that You are White

Unfortunate. There is this general trend in Pakistan where wheatish/ brownish skin color that we have is generally considered NOT OK as compared to having a fair/ white skin color which is GOOD. I guess part of this relates to the colonial legacy that we have had as the British ruled the subcontinent for some good 200 years. So we consider white skinned people as more bright, intelligent and above all worthy of being shown respect.

Take any advertisement of a skin cream product in Pakistan and it will mostly talk in terms of "It will make you gora(white)". A very famous singer of Pakistan had actually these lyrics in his song "I had a dream last night in which I saw my (future) wife.. she was as black as my fate".

Is it a curse that one is born with a darker complexion? why do we make (almost 90% of Pakistanis feel that they are somehow inferior to the rest? why should anyone around the globe be considered inferior in this respect? Perhaps I'll do the same thing when its my turn?

It hurts me. So I don't like it.

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Anonymous said...

...ah ha!
see...!!!you dont like it....but you may still do the same ...when its your turn!!!!!!
if a person who apparently rationalizes and condemns the " white worship" feels inclined towards doing the same.....then... pardon the simple minded -average beings ....who jump the band wagon...!!!!!!!!
( and yes radiantly-gleaming-goldenish-wheatish....:P...)