Thursday, November 24, 2005

Can one show a person dying or being slaughtered on TV?

This makes me really sick. Pakistani news channels (2 of them have done this) have been found guilty of this charge. Recently Pakistan was hit by a severe earthquake that resulted in thousands of deaths. There was a lot of criticism on government that they were not doing enough in providing relief to the affectees. A private news channel did something that really shocked me. A reporter and cameraman headed to a remote part of affected area and told the story of family who was hit by earthquake. They actually showed a woman dying on camera! All in an effort to show that "See! we told ya! government is lying! it says it cant reach the affected areas because its difficult but we did it!" (my statement) I cant possibly term them as humans. Could they have not taken a medical team to that area and perhaps could have saved that woman's life? were they obsessed so much with maligning the government that they forgot they had a more "human duty" to do?

Another TV was covering Al-Qaida and the operation that Pakistan Army is undertaking in the country's tribal belt alongside borders of Afghanistan. The reporter showed a video in which an afghan spy was being shown slaughtered to death. No viewer discretion advised.

Is this kind of material allowed to be aired on TV? Do we have to see such things to "really" believe whats going on? was it not possible that those grizzly scenes may not be shown?

I abhor this. So makes me sick.

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Anonymous said...

aye to that!!!
even the blood ridden photo shots of blast-crash-accident ridden victims... often rallied on print media ...serve no the provokoing of momentary sympathy...!